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Apr 17 2009
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PaysMyTab, PaysYourBills, and BuysMyCar Promotions make a great triple play for your station to offer advertisers!

Baseball season has started again, and the ringing sound of batters hitting home runs fills the air. What better time is there to think about the effectiveness of how your clients are managing their sports advertising or sponsorships? If you have a client who has been sponsoring a local team (be it Little League or Major League), they may have gotten stuck in a rut of assuming that simply having their brand associated with the team will help boost their brand awareness.

As budgets shrink and expenses are examined more closely, shake things up a bit with a promotion tied into the team that your client sponsors, or find a local team and suggest that your client sponsor it. Giving back to the community–especially now in times when money’s tight–sends a positive message about your client’s brand to your customers. The Prize Factory has three great–and inexpensive!–promotions that can work for any client large or small, and we’ve also gathered some information from around the net on the effectiveness and ROI of sports sponsorships and advertising for you to consider while you’re watching the opening games of the season.

Hit One Out Of The Park

The Prize Factory has three new promotions will bring customers in for your clients, increase their ROI, and grow your repeat customer base. Talk about a triple play!

The Prize Factory has loaded the bases for you, and you’re at bat; let’s meet the runners before we show you how to hit this one out of the park.

On first: an exciting, fast to implement promotion where customers can get a chance to win a year’s tab at any participating location–valued up to $10,000.  A great promotion for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, it packs them in on slow nights & builds buzz around the clients’s brand.

On second: This $25,000 promotion is suitable for any business that’s looking to excite customers and motivate them to come in to the store. Give your clients’s customers a chance to win a $25,000 shopping spree, receive a check for $25,000, or any other means of “paying their bills” that you can think of.

On third, ready to run home, is If you’re looking for a great teammate who’s going to bring auto dealers to your agency in droves, this guy is it. Give local auto dealers the chance to give everyone who stops by for a test drive a chance to win a car valued at $50,000 or less. This gets traffic in their door and gets their prospects excited at the chance to take a test drive.

So how does The Prize Factory help you hit this one out of the park? It’s simple: you offer these promotions to your clients to spice up their advertising and boost ROI. In turn, we offer these promotions to you at a lower price than we’ve ever offered an online promotion before, so you can afford to offer your clients the thrill of a big money promotion for a tiny fraction of the prize amount.

These three promotions (PaysMyTab, PaysYourBills, and BuysMyCar), all come with exciting online instant win games, complete with consumer registration. At the end of the 90 day promotion, your client gets a list of the name and email address of everyone who’s played for their further marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of running advertising, promotions are a proven way to generate excitement, and there’s no hassle for you when you run a promotion through The Prize Factory. Get 1,000 pins for your clients to give away however they please to bring customers in, and if a there’s a lucky winner, The Prize Factory pays the prize.

All right–here’s your chance. The pitch is coming to you, and ThePrizeFactory’s set you up for the home run. Knock it out of the park by calling 1.877.217.0040 or emailing us at today!

Tips From the ‘Net

Sports Sponsorship vs. Advertising:
This is an interesting article that talks about the difference between sponsorship and advertising with a sports team, and the ROI for each. Great read if you’re looking for a quick overview on which to offer to a client.

Google Delivers Better ROI than Major Sport Sponsorship
Christopher Angus writes on PingPongPie about a company that sponsored one of the oldest Formula 1 Racing teams and saw only a disappointing increase in sales. This is a great example of expecting that a sponsorship by itself will lead to more sales; it won’t! Tie a promotion in with your team, though, and now you’re cooking with gas!

Sponsorships Predicted to Grow in 2009
SponsorMap reports that it’s not *all* bad for sponsors, since according to the IEG it is predicted that there will still be slight growth in the global spend on sponsorship advertising. Read through this article for a quick look as some of the reasons why this is so.

Calculating Sponsorship’s ROI
SponsorMap also has a great article up which serves as a thumbnail guide to determining the ROI of a sponsorship that your client is running. If you’re looking at getting a client into a sponsorship, or if your client is wondering just how much return they’re getting on their sponsorship, this is a must read.

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