Trusting the offer

Jun 01 2009
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Image Credit: When Im 64 by Clearly Ambiguous.

Image Credit: When I'm 64 by Clearly Ambiguous.


It’s a sad fact that empty marketing claims have jaded people to the point where they don’t accept offers even when there’s no downside to them. Case in point: we recently sent out an email to 11 thousand contacts that have opted in to receive messages from our partner and their associates.  In that email we offered a free instant win game to anyone who responded to the email by the end of the week.  It’s a pretty good offer. Some companies charge as much as $10,000 for instant win games and online promotions. I don’t think that you’d turn down a check for ten grand if someone offered it to you. I wouldn’t. I was surprised how many did.  Of course, in a list of 11 thousand not everyone’s going to open the offer. We had just under two thousand people open our email, a couple of dozen clicked through, got to the landing page, and went through our site.

And we received one call.

I get it: People don’t trust free any more. They don’t believe that you can do something for 10% the cost of the competition because you’ve found a new level of efficiency.  It’s proven problematic for us. People keep waiting to hear what the catch is, all the way up to when the promotion goes live. They keep wondering what they didn’t catch.  And, of course, once the promotion is over and they’ve seen the boost advertising effectiveness, the excitement that they’ve generated, and the savings that they’ve made, they realize that there isn’t a catch. What we’re working on here (on a shoestring budget as most marketing departments are in this economic climate) is getting everyone to open their eyes and take a good look at us.

We’ve landed accounts with big brands like Pizza Hut, Value Place, Meineke Auto Care, Logitech, and numerous others, and word is starting to get out about us, but clearly we have a long way to go before people realize that this is a genuinely different business model for online instant win games. One that works more efficiently than anyone else out there, and one which is–frankly–better.

So let me open the floor up here. The Prize Factory sells online instant win games. Our promotions start at $1,000, and boost ad ROI by at least 300%, although I’ve seen boosts as high as 700% with some campaigns. Got any questions? Leave a comment and we’ll get back, or give us a call.

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