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Jun 15 2009
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Image Credit: Crowds welcoming Nelson Mandela to Brixton by Adrian Short. Licensed through Creative Commons 2.0.

Image Credit: Crowds welcoming Nelson Mandela to Brixton by Adrian Short. Licensed through Creative Commons 2.0.

Social media is difficult for advertisers to monetize. That’s a simple truth. Getting a thousand or ten thousand Facebook fans can be a great boost for the marketing department’s ego, but trying to get money from them is a different matter entirely.  There are a couple of reasons for this, but it breaks down into the simple fact that it’s really, really easy to make connections in a social media application. That’s what they’re for. But how do you make your social media make money?

It starts with gathering more data than just a Twitter profile or a Facebook page. You’ve found someone who liked your brand enough to look you up and click “Follow” or “Friend”.  They care (at least a little) about you. But you need something more to get them to move beyond just that click. You need to stir a little more excitement from them to get them to tell you some personal data or to opt in to your list.

That’s why we’re getting ready to offer promotions through Twitter via @UTWeetUWin. We’ll be fronting the cost of a weekly promotion that gives everyone who enters a chance to win $50,000. But we’re not just doing that to get us a Twitter account with a lot of followers. There’s two reasons why we’re launching UTWeetUWin:

  1. Help our customers out: As people follow our Twitter account for their chance to win weekly (and we intend to make it a daily draw in a few months), we’ll also be able to point them towards out customers’ promotions and increase their traffic as well. Add a custom question on your promotion asking what your players’ social media account names are, and get your visitors to follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook and you can monetize that stream of social media traffic. You’ll have better marketing data, better contact information, and a better chance of making your social media buddies into customers as well.
  2. Help the players out: There dozens of promotions running every day here at The Prize Factory, and studies show that people who enter one contest are prone to entering many contests, so anyone who’s following @UTweetUWin will likely be thrilled to find out about any further chances to win that we can offer them. 70% of consumers will give away some personal identifying information in exchange for either a chance to win or a coupon of $2.00 or more value, and The Prize Factory’s promotions can give our players both!

That’s a win-win situation, giving advertisers a way to boost their brand engagement and ROI and keeping our followers happy with frequent chances to win.  If you’d like to find out more about @UTweetUWin, give us a call at 1.877.41.PRIZE opt. 1 or email

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