Your Customers Want To Win Something For Free

Feb 04 2010
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Funny thing, customers… given the choice between being given something, or the chance to win that same thing, the majority of customers would rather have the chance to win something.

It’s the luck of the draw. The chance that I might just get lucky. It’s not a given thing… it’s exciting.

How do you keep your customer enthused, excited, and happy without breaking your bank? That’s where we come in. The Prize Factory provides promotional prize games, prize code games, scratch offs, code verification, PIN systems, and so much more. You just tell us what you want, and our system does the all the hard work for you. The best part, is we’ve made our system so incredibly affordable that, in all honesty, you simply cannot pass it up.

Want to know how we can be so sure of ourselves? Give our main site a check, play some of our demo games, and then call us.

We’re waiting.

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