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Feb 10 2010
Filed In: Products is proud to introduce our newest product: AdConverterPlus. We’ve eliminated all the guess work, headaches, long nights, and apprehension from the traditional Advertising Conversion model, and replaced it with a straight forward system that has been proven to increase advertising conversions by 500% or more.

matchadAdConverterPlus Features:

  • Ability To Convert Your Impressions To ClickThru’s
  • Over 500% Increase In All Advertising Conversions
  • No Cost Up Front
  • Real Measurable Results
  • Marketable Again and Again

Studies have shown that given the opportunity, people would rather have the chance to win something than to have something of a lesser percieved value given to them absolutely free.

How does the chance of winning a new car sound? What could you do with a  whopping $50,000.00 buring a hole in your pocket? How about free airline flights? Not only is it all possible with AdConverterPlus, but it’s already being done by hundreds of other advertisers.

You decide how much money you want to spend, when you want to spend it, and when you’d like the fully measurable results of your campaign sent to you.

AdConverterPlus has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing advertising efforts and give them the boost they so desperately deserve. Our in-house testing has shown increases of over 500% by simply putting the power of AdConverterPlus behind a text-based online advertising campaign.

AdConverterPlus works equally well with Interactive Campaigns, Direct Mail, and Traditional Media such as Radio and Television. You can easily icrease your advertising conversions by 500% or more across the entire advertising spectrum.

AdConverterPlus has eliminated the traditional Advertising Conversion Model,  and replaced it with a system that simply gets results. We’ve run the tests, worked with hundreds of other valued customers, and proven the system over and over again. You can get started with AdConverterPlus with absolutely no cost up front. It won’t cost you a penny to empower your advertising campaigns with AdConverterPlus.

Check out our examples, our online demos, and then make the easiest advertising decision you’ll make all day: pick up the phone and call at 877-41-PRIZE.

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