AdConverterPlus 500% Conversion Rate Breakthrough!

Feb 18 2010
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Last week we breakthruunveiled AdConverterPlus, our system that has a proven track record of increasing advertising conversions by over 500%. With it’s unique ability to convert impressions to clickthrus, AdConverterPlus is quickly making a name for itself across different niches.

What makes AdConverterPlus so special is the way it was designed - with the end goal of smashing conversion ratios and ultimately benefiting you, the advertiser.

  • Seamless Integration Into Existing Campaigns
  • No Cost Up Front
  • Real Measurable Results
  • Completely Remarketable

AdConverterPlus is designed to work seamlessly with your existing campaigns, at no up front cost to you. In addition, you’ll be able to truely measure the increased results in your campaigns, and re-use AdConverterPlus in any of
your currently running campaigns.

Regardless of the type of campaign you’re running, AdConverterPlus is designed to work seamlessly with whatever you’re doing to provide you with an increased conversion rate.

You can find out more today by visiting our website, or calling 1-877-41-PRIZE.

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