The Five Steps To Launching Your Own Successful Customer Reward Program

Feb 24 2010
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You need results. Your campaign started off OK, and has either hit a plateau or completely bottomed out. You know that without some kind of help, you won’t reach your campaign goals and simply won’t be satisfied with the results you get. You need The Five Steps To Launching Your Own Successful Customer Reward Program

Step One
Have Something Your Customers Can Win

We’ve all seen the data that indicates customers prefer to win something over having something given to them. At The Prize Factory, we show you how to create a substantial prize for your customers to try to win: A new car, $50,000.00, a trip somewhere… whatever you feel will get your customers attention.

Step Two
Entice Your Customer Base

Once you select what prize you’re going to let your customers attempt to win, we work with you to enhance your existing adverting campaigns to draw more eyeballs, and convert those eyeballs to click-thru’s.

Step Three
Exchange Information

Once a click-thru happens, our system is designed to trigger a passive exchange of information between you and your customer. The information we gather can be as simple or as complex as you require it.

Step Four
Give Your Customers A Chance

After the information is exchanged, your customer is given the chance to win the prize you selected in step one. Maybe a browser-based scratch off game, maybe it’s coming into your store and typing in a PIN in a keypad… whatever it is, statistics show an extreme high rate of return on this step.

Step Five
Reward Your Customers

Obviously, not everyone will win the “grand prize”. This doesn’t mean that you’ve lost a lead or that you shouldn’t give anything to that customer. A discount on services or goods, a BOGO offer, or a coupon are always recommended. Our system is designed to make sure your customer doesn’t walk away empty handed.

Call today and discover how our team can work with you to develop the best campaign you’ve ever run.

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