Promotions hit a big homerun with Baseball!

Mar 29 2010
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Watch And Listen For Your Chance To Win

Baseball Spring Training and Minor league teams are always looking for promotions and sweepstakes to improve park attendance. Giveaways have always been the key to bigger numbers at the park from Bobbleheads, cap day, bat day, to meeting players at card signing day. However, all these giveaways have a substantial cost associated with them in comparison to big cash prize promotions. You have to buy the bobbleheads, bats, caps, which is a big cash outlay. In comparison, the opportunity to win $50K cash, or 4 season tickets for a year, World Series week for 4 with no initial cash outlay on inventory. The winner would be paid out of the prize coverage insurance if someone wins.

Baseball promotions can incorporate giving away scratch cards at the game or announcing passphrases to the crowd from the scoreboard or announcer. Many game options are available. Bigger prize opportunities for the crowd and sponsor coupons delivered to their emails after they play, encouraging return visit to future games and discounts at local merchants that week.

Baseball and promotions are a big homerun, get your clients onboard today.

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