Social Media and Promotions are viral to the 10th power.

Apr 06 2010
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Watch And Listen For Your Chance To Win

Wow, what can you say about Social Media? Well first, it is very viral. Secondly, it is really very unsocial because you don’t physically meet or gather, you do it online. Regardless, it is an automatic way to say very little or a whole bunch of nothing to allot of people at one time, its big time. Because if tell two friends, that tell two friends, who tell two friends and so on, all of a sudden, you have allot of friends or is that followers. In either case, it’s a whole bunch of people. In a lot of circumstances getting the word out about a new product is everything and when coupled with a promotion or giveaway, all you need is an audience. Social media audiences are everywhere, often like minded and loyal. Product manufacturers like Jelly Belly who may be announcing new flavors. Movie studios who want to promote a new release will often do so through a social media campaign. Now couple that with a give away or promotion and not only have you encouraged movie goers but you have now built a marketing list…..

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