Car Dealers roll on with promotions

Apr 09 2010
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Watch And Listen For Your Chance To Win

Auto Dealers have endless discounts, offers, and 100 reasons to buy a car. The trick is getting you to the dealership so they can pitch you the big offerings. Promotions are perfect partners to auto dealership advertising. Auto dealers own the local advertising market with newspaper ads, radio spots, and tv commercials in all the primetime slots. The dollars being spent in these local and regional markets is in the millions annually. While these forms of ads create reach to the audience, the key is to get the audience to take action. Enhancing their pre-budgeted ads with promotions will turn these viewers into registrants, collecting data and offering “chance to win the vehicle” that they come test drive is the key action. Not only can you drive traffic into the dealership, but you have their consensual email information to bring them back monthly with email coupons for a free oil change or $5000 off rebate check. Promotions are the key to driving test drives into dealerships. Get you auto dealership clients in these programs today.

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