Industry Week: The Auto Industry

Apr 19 2010
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Watch And Listen For Your Chance To Win

The Auto Industry spends millions of dollars annually on advertising that hardly ever provides consumer data, excites customers, or expands direct marketing capabilities. Promotions, on the other hand, can do all these and more, they can enhance pre-budgeted ads, turn viewers into registrants, collect valuable data, and create plenty of buzz. What sells cars more than anything is a person test driving the vehicle, and The Prize Factory offers the promotions and sweepstakes to bring all those leads into your auto dealer. When auto dealers run a PrizeSuite Pro promotion and give pins or pass phrases for every person that test drives a car, consumers have a chance to win all kinds of prizes. By simply registering for the promotion online, they’ll either win prizes or receive coupons or discounts from dealers. At the most, they’ll win a car, at the least they’ll win a free oil change, the bottom line is they’ll end up back at the dealership with whatever they win. PrizeSuite Pro is a perfect tool that auto dealers could use to continually get leads in their dealerships.

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