Fund Raiser Promos

Take your next charity fund raiser online and add excitement to it with a fund raising promotion from The Prize Factory.  Keep 80% of the revenue from our exciting online fund raiser that boost local businesses’ sales and brings in funds for any charity.

  • Community: Our fund raising promotions give businesses in the charity’s community the opportunity to offer 1,000 chances to win a big prize en exchange for donating money to the charity.
  • Simplicity: Suitable for school fund raisers, this online promotion charity fund raiser doesn’t require children go door-to-door  selling goods. Rather, they can go to a business owner with a valuable marketing asset in exchange for a donation.
  • Profitability: Earn up to 80% of revenue from this promotion for your charity
  • Customizability: Theme the promotion to match the charity’s organization or event and build upon the branding.

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