Fulfillment Redemption

Traditionally, fulfilling certificates and coupons can be expensive and take a lot of lead time. The Prize Factory’s fulfillment redemption services are handled entirely electronically, are completely secure, and cost just a fraction of traditional fulfillment.

  • Secure Electronic Document Delivery: S.E.D.D. is a no-download way to securely and easily manage electronic document distribution.
  • 2D PSD 417 Secure UPC codes contain trackable data, are supported by POS’s and scanners worldwide
  • Deliver: Coupons, certificates, cards, or tickets direct to consumers’ email inboxes.
  • Save: On Printing, placement, delivery, postage, and redemption.
  • Redeem: With any network-enabled POS or over the phone with The Prize Factory’s Tele-Verification System

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