Lead Generation

Gathering qualified leads through social or online media can be a challenge. It’s one thing to have ten thousand Facebook fans, but another thing entirely to get those fans to mobilize into something that can earn you revenue. A Promotion tied into social media is just the thing to make your social media program produce revenue for you or a client.

  • Run a Promotion: Advertise it on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t have many followers? The Prize Factory can run it for you, too.
  • Gather Consumer Data: Build a list of prospects that you can market to, already broken down into targetable segments through custom questions you ask
  • Reward Players:  Give everyone who plays your promotion or sweepstakes a consolation prize via email to encourage viral sharing through social media
  • Market to List: And just that simply you’ve gotten your Facebook, Twitter, IVR, or email marketing lists to repond and generate revenue

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