Partner Operations

The Prize Factory gives you whatever services your promotions efforts need. From completely custom with promotional risk coverage included to our powerful API, we have exactly what you need.

  • Wireframes: Our template-driven promotions give you complete flexibility to make whatever creative you want that fits in our layouts so the control remains in your hands
  • Partner Admin Panel: Are you an agency? Keep tabs on how all of your clients promotions are doing, monitor your sales teams’ top performers, and generate contracts for your clients automatically with our Parner Admin Panel
  • API: We call our federally-audited draw servers and return a play result as a simple, secured XML string. Write your own application to do what you want from there
  • Secure: Tier II redundant hosting in an off-site data center gives you the peace of mind of a secure, stable environment for your online promotion
  • Simple: Cost-efficient, simple to use, and completely flexible, a PrizeFactory interactive contest or game will make your next advertising campaign a runaway success

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