Radio Cross Promotion

Get more from your sales team by adding a promotion to your next advertising calendar: tie a promotion in with all of your ads. Give advertisers for your next mass media client a pass phrase that visitors to their store or website can enter into your station’s website for a chance to win. Every one wins with coupons from all of your advertisers, driving up sales for all of them and increasing ad spends.

  • Cross-Promoting: Gets a number of businesses interested in buying airtime on a clients’ radio or TV station
  • Money Saving: Clients receive a thousand chances for a visitor or customer to win a big cash prize for a low fee.
  • Revenue Boosting: Stations can charge extra for ads run during this promotion, or simply offer it as a free spiff to any companies that buy multi-month contracts.
  • Excitement Generating: Big cash prizes get your clients’ customers excited for their chance to win!

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