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Introducing the “Basic” Promotion from The Prize Factory

Product of the Week:

The Prize Factory has gotten along for nearly two years with three lines: Lite, Pro, and Plus. We’ve been noticing that smaller companies want branded promotions, but can’t always afford the cost of a full Pro package, so we’ve introduced something that’s a step between Lite and Pro.
Enter our “Basic” package, [...]

Fund Raising Promotions Go High Tech

Rumor Has It:

..that fund raising is going high tech. Until recently, the way that groups have raised money to meet their needs has undergone little appreciable change in at least 25 years.
Operating costs have soared, school budgets have been slashed, and charities have been asked to take on ever-expanding duties. This has resulted in an [...]

Do Well, Do Good

Charity fundraising promotions are one way to do well by doing good. Take your next charity fund raiser online and add excitement to it with a fund raising promotion from The Prize Factory. Keep 80% of the revenue from our exciting online fund raiser that puts all The Prize Factory’s games, promotions experience, and track [...]

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